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GCCA Seeks Award Nominations

July 23, 2015 11:26 AM | Tracy BeMent

William Herndon Lifetime Achievement Award

The William Barclay Herndon Award may be awarded to a court manager or non-court manager who significantly contributes or contributed to the profession of court management in the state of Georgia over their lifetime.

Program of the Year

The Program of the Year award may be given to a program in the state of Georgia that demonstrates a benefit to a local community or the state and which exemplifies the administration of justice in a cost effective manner.  The nominations should include the following:

1. Cover Letter. The cover letter should not be more than two pages in length, should briefly state the purpose and the success of the program.

2. Program Submissions. The program submissions should not be more than five (5) pages in length, and should include the following:

  • ·      An explanation of the existing process and problem.
  • ·      An outline target group.
  • ·      List of the team members who worked on process or project.
  • ·      Describe solutions and alternative solutions (if appropriate).
  • ·      Describe program details.

3. Nominations will be evaluated on the following:

  • ü  Transferability of Programs
  • ü  Uniqueness of Program - Creativity / Innovation
  • ü  Durability of Program
  • ü  Goals met in Program
  • ü  Cost Analysis – “Bang for the Buck”

Please remember to submit only programs that have actually been implemented and evaluated. Awards are announced at the Fall Conference.


Please remit all nominations before August 28, 2015 by e-mail to:

Georgia Council of Court Administrators

244 Washington Street, SW Suite 300
Atlanta, GA 30334-5900
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