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Georgia Council
of Court Administrators

Established 1997


The Georgia Council of Court Administrators and Managers was created in 1997 to promote the profession of court management. Seminars and conferences are open to any individual interested in this field. Membership is open to all court managers, administrators and directors who are appointed, rather than elected, to their positions. The main focus of GCCA is to train court managers in the core competencies identified by the Institute of Court Management and the National Association for Court Management.

Each year we offer two educational conferences, open to all individuals with an interest in court management. We focus our course offerings on the National Association for Court Management's "Core Competencies" ranging from caseflow management to finance to information technology management and all areas in-between.
GCCA is proud to partner with Michigan State University, where attendees may seek certification or earn a graduate degree in criminal justice with an emphasis in judicial administration. GCCA also partners with the Institute for Court Management to offer their Certified Court Manager program.  In addition GCCA offers certification at the 40 hour and 100 hour educational milestones.
Please take a moment and review the information contained on our website. Should you ever have a question of either the committee chairs or the GCCA officers, contact information can be found within the appropriate tabs.

Learn more in our Program Fact Sheet.  

Statutory Authority

Official Code of Georgia ยง 15-5-100. Creation of Georgia Council of Court Administrators; membership, powers and duties, funding, status

(a) As used in this Code section, the term "council" means the Georgia Council of Court Administrators.

(b) There is created the Georgia Council of Court Administrators. The council shall be composed of the full-time court administrators and managers of all courts within this state. The council is authorized to organize itself and to develop a constitution and bylaws. The council is authorized to elect such officers, including an executive committee, as it shall deem advisable to carry out its duties and responsibilities. The council is authorized to appoint advisory committees and establish the membership and duties thereof. In addition to the full-time members of the council, the council is authorized to provide for special classes of nonvoting memberships for honorary members, students and teachers of court administration, and those persons who have retired from positions involving the administration and management of courts.

(c) It shall be the purpose of the council to effectuate the responsibilities conferred upon it by law, to further the improvement of the courts and the administration of justice, to assist the court administrators and managers throughout the state in the execution of their duties, and to promote and assist in the training of court administrators, managers, and support personnel.

(d) Expenses of the administration of the council shall be paid from state funds appropriated for that purpose, from federal funds available to the council for that purpose, or from other appropriate sources.

(e) The council shall be a legal entity and an agency of the State of Georgia; shall have perpetual existence; may contract; may own property; may accept funds, grants, and gifts from any public or private source for use in defraying the expenses of the council; may adopt and use an official seal; may establish a principal office; may employ such administrative or clerical personnel as may be necessary and appropriate to fulfill its necessary duties; and shall have other powers, privileges, and duties as may be reasonable and necessary for the proper fulfillment of its purposes and duties.

Georgia Council of Court Administrators

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