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ICM: Purpose & Responsibilities of Courts

  • April 16, 2018
  • April 18, 2018
  • Hampton Inn & Suites Macon


  • What are the purposes of courts?  The answers to this seemingly rudimentary question are explored during this foundational ICM course. 

    The course helps to connect today’s court professionals with the lofty ideals set forth by those who founded our country through an overview of colonial history, the rule of law, and other important historical and current-day events and practices.  To that end, participants explore the foundations of the third branch of government and assess whether their courts are performing as the Founding Fathers envisioned.  In addition, participants learn how courts can balance the competing responsibilities to protect citizens’ due process rights while moving cases to disposition as efficiently as possible. 

    This course is an opportunity for participants to consider how the principles underlying the purposes and responsibilities of courts, which are shared by all courts, can result in different ways of accomplishing the same goals.  Throughout the course, participants will reflect on whether the performance, structure, operations, and process of their courts align with court purposes.

Registration is closed

Institute for Court Management

Purposes and Responsibilities of Courts

Registration is now open for this 2 1/2 day training program:

April 16-18, 2018

Hampton Inn & Suites
3594 River Place Drive
Macon, GA 31210

Those GCCA members with at least 40 CE hours will be given first opportunity for the limited registration slots available. 

Lodging is available beginning April 15, 2018, at a group rate of $125/night.  Please contact the Hampton Inn to reserve your room.

ICM Training Agenda

Registration for the class is free to participants.  Participant/Employer is responsible for lodging/per diems/travel.

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