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Code of Conduct

The Georgia Council of Court Administrators (GCCA) recognizes the importance of the ethical conduct of its members in the administration of justice. Members hold positions of public trust and are committed to the highest standards of conduct. Members observe these standards of conduct to preserve the integrity and independence of the judiciary. The Code embodies our dedication to upholding and increasing the public's confidence in the judicial branch of government, and also reflects our commitment to promoting integrity within our association and profession. Members subscribe to the following Code of Conduct:

NACM Model Code of Conduct for Court Professionals

Article I. Abuse of Position and Conflict of Interest

A. Members shall not use or attempt to use their official positions to secure unwarranted privileges or exemptions for themselves or any other person.
B. Members shall not accept, agree to accept, dispense, or solicit any gift or favor based upon an understanding that the official actions of the member would be influenced thereby.
C. Members shall act so that they are not unduly affected or appear to be affected by kinship, position, or influence of any party or person.
D. Members shall not request or accept any compensation or fee beyond that received from their employer for work done in the course of their public employment. Members may engage in outside employment as long as it does not conflict with the performance of their official responsibilities or violate this code.
E. Members shall use the resources, property, and funds under their control judiciously and solely in accordance with prescribed legal procedures.
F. Members shall avoid conflicts of interest, or the appearance of conflicts, in the performance of their official duties.

Article II. Confidentiality

A. Members shall not disclose confidential information to any unauthorized person.
B. Members shall not give legal advice except as specifically required by their official position.

Article III. Political Activity

Members are free to participate in political campaigns and organizations during nonworking hours if such activity does not use, or appear to use, the member's official position or court in connection with such activities.

Article IV. Performance of Duties

A. Members should carry out their responsibilities to the public in a timely, impartial, diligent, and courteous manner, strictly adhering to the principals embodied in this code.
B. Members shall not discriminate on the basis of, nor manifest by words or conduct, a bias or prejudice based upon race, color, religion, national origin, gender, disability, or other groups protected by law while serving the court and the public.
C. Members shall enforce or otherwise carry out any properly issued rule or order of court and shall not exceed that authority except to perform the other duties of their positions.
D. Members shall promote ethical conduct as prescribed by this code.
E. Members shall support and protect the independence of the judicial branch of government. Members shall also protect the public's interest and justice for all persons.
F. Members shall uphold the Constitution, laws, and legal regulations of the United States and all other governments they serve and never be a party to their evasion.
G. Members shall promote the growth and development of professional court management by improving their work skills and supporting research and development in the field.
H. Members shall avoid any activity that would reflect adversely on their position or court.
I. Members shall immediately report to appropriate authorities any attempt to induce them to violate these standards.

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