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Welcome to the website of the Georgia Council of Court Administrators.  I am honored to serve as the President of this fine organization.  Our members represent every class of court in Georgia and have been either appointed or elected to the offices that they hold.  Having been trusted by the judges we assist and serve, our members collectively bring well rounded experiences and ideas to the organization.  Some fifteen years ago, a group of court administrators from across the state got together and decided to form their own council, similar to the ones that were already in existence for the judges in our state.  This group of administrators had the foresight to understand that in order to continue operating our courts in the most efficient and effective manner possible, the leaders charged with the day-to-day management of the courts would require ongoing training.  They also knew that the only way to collectively share promising trends and best practices was in a professional environment of their peers that shared similar understandings as to the unique challenges of working in a non-unified judicial system.  Through the hard work and dedication of these court leaders, our Council was formed and established by state statute in O.C.G.A. 15-5-100 during the 1997 Georgia General Assembly.  Our council’s purpose, as expressed in state law, is summarized below:

“It shall be the purpose of the council to effectuate the responsibilities conferred upon it by law, to further the improvement of the courts and the administration of justice, to assist the court administrators and managers throughout the state in the execution of their duties, and to promote and assist in the training of court administrators, managers, and support personnel.”

To that end, we provide the professional forum necessary for our members so that they may communicate with peers, judges, legislators and others who share an interest in the effective administration of justice.  Our council provides education and training opportunities for its members and promotes the professionalism of court management throughout the state of Georgia. 

Unlike all other council’s in Georgia , we have no state budget for paid staff and rely entirely on the tireless efforts of member volunteers.  We are only as successful as those that are willing to serve and we can never have enough volunteers willing to lend a helping hand!

I am committed to continuing our push for the professional development of our profession and am willing to help individuals in any way possible.

Feel free to reach out to me or to any member of the Executive Committee.  We look forward to talking to you soon!

Cheston Roney

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